Easy Guide in Installing One-way Exclusion Door for Your Rochester Armadillo Problem!

The Rochester armadillo has a tendency to live in the place where they are unwanted. In case they end up in your garden, you can guarantee that this little creature will be a source of a major headache. Their habit of digging can cause considerable problem in your yard. It sometimes steals the cat food that can lead to a brawl with our pet cat. In case you are looking for effective ways to get rid of them without causing them harm, one-way exclusion funnel would be the right solution.

How to Install One-Way Exclusion Door for Minnesota Armadillo

Building your own exclusion device is possible, but if you want a readily available exclusion funnel, you can purchase one for only $20. Regardless if you build your own or purchase it, you need to know how to properly use it. This will guarantee that the exclusion of the armadillo will be successful and you won’t harm the creature.

Determine the Holes

This is the first thing that you have to do when excluding the armadillo in your Rochester yard. There should be a particular hole that the armadillo favors. Their burrows will have multiple exits that they will use to avoid the attack of the predators. Nonetheless, there will only be a single entry point. This entry point would be the main tunnel of the armadillo. After this, you will have to examine your yard to identify all the possible exit of the armadillo.

Blocking the Exits

After you are done with the initial assessment, it is now time to block all the exit of the Minnesota armadillo. This procedure is not essentially required. However, this will increase the possibility that the armadillo will pass through the exclusion funnel. If there are multiple ways to leave their holes, they may use it to avoid the 1-way exclusion door. When blocking the exit, it is highly essential to use solid construction materials such as steel to deter the digging skill of the armadillo.

Positioning the Exclusion Funnel

The funnel will look similar to the traffic cone. Ensure that the wider part of the Minnesota funnel will be positioned close to the main entrance of the burrow. This will prevent the armadillo from returning to its den. You should also check the device periodically to guarantee that no armadillo will be left inside the burrow. The trapped armadillo can die from dehydration or starvation. You should also pay attention on the season of the year. You don’t want to use this during the nesting season since the orphaned babies will die if you separate them from the mother armadillo.

After properly installing the one-way exclusion door, you simply have to wait until such time that the Rochester armadillo will get out of the burrow. Once it does, it will realize that there is no way that it can return to its den. After sometime, it will leave and try to look for a new location to live. The best part of using exclusion device is that you are not causing harm to this creature.

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