How to Keep Animals Away from Your Rochester Chicken Coop

Realize that there are harmful Rochester animals and predators that can invade your farm. They can damage the structures of your farms and harm your livestock. They can consume the chickens and steal the eggs that can affect your production. They can make your chicken coop useless, and you will have to face a considerable amount of damages and loss. In this article, we will discuss the different ways to keep these wild animals away from your chicken coop.

Tips in Keeping the Animals Away from the Chicken Coop

In order to protect the flock of Minnesota chickens, you will have to secure your chicken coop. There are simple ways on how you can achieve it and keep the chickens and their eggs safe from the threat of these predators.

Introduce Rochester Chicken Wires

Adding Minnesota chicken wire around the perimeter of your chicken coop is a cost-efficient way to protect your livestock. It is a flexible material which makes it easy to fit in awkward spaces. Look for chicken wire that is galvanized to ensure that it will remain free from rust. In the case that you are constructing a chicken run, understand that there are wild animals that will be very persistent in getting access to your chickens. They can tunnel through the run to attack them. Burying the chicken wires at about 1ft. below the ground will deter these burrowing animals.

Keep Some Rooster

Roosters are known to be very protective. They will provide your hen with added protection. They will attack the animals that are trying to threaten the hens. Apart from that, the sound that they will produce during the attack of the wild animal can alarm you.

Sealing the Holes

To keep the Minnesota animals at bay, you will have to determine their access point and seal it. Inspect the different areas of your chicken coop. Start from the exterior of the structure and move inside after that. Take note of each holes that you discovered, or you may take a picture using your smartphone. This can guarantee that you will not miss a single hole. Depending on the animal, they can access a hole that is about the size of a nickel. You may use a hardware cloth to cover the holes.

Use a Locking Mechanism

Since most of the wild animals will be active at nighttime, you should try to keep them contained inside the chicken coop at night. You may use a complex locking mechanism to keep them sealed since some animals such as raccoons can manipulate locks. Carabiner would also be an excellent option since it requires an opposable thumb to open them.

Keeping your Rochester surroundings clean is a good way to avoid attracting wild animals. If these animals transfer to your community, they will eat your chicken and eggs. In case you see the activity of these animals during the day, it is highly likely that you are facing a full-blown infestation. You should also remain alert on the possible attack of the snake in your chicken coop.

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